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“You have been how long in recruitment?”

You would be surprised how often that is said to me. 30 years I answer – and yes you get less for murder!

Over the years, I have seen recruitment evolve. Today it is a professional industry as a result of better regulations and a code of conduct that has assisted in keeping the cowboys and girls at bay. Robust assessment processes, genuine business partnerships and quality guarantees all support the delivery of quality outcomes.

So what have I learnt?

Service Sells – let your outcomes demonstrate your competence and assist you in winning new opportunities. Listen and learn and wherever possible customise your service to meet customers’ needs

Operate with integrity – bluffing cannot be sustained – honesty can be!

Understand the importance of transparency with your customer – provide the entire picture to ensure they make the right hiring decisions

To recognise those candidate’s skills gaps which can be developed through training, and encourage your customers to understand this as there is no such thing as perfect!

Age does not dictate competence – young does not equal immature and older does not equate to tired.

Change is good – embrace it.

Be a thought leader – don’t follow the pack but rather lead it wherever you can to add value!

Be the coach to your candidates – prepare them well for the assessment process to maximise their success

Be part of the solution not the problem – ensuring you adopt a consultative approach with your clients to be clear on their needs, and matching that approach with your candidates to understand their preferences can ensure that there is not an artificial match, but a genuine match which leads to retention, mutual satisfaction and repeat business!

Build long term relationships – no you don’t have to make a dollar every time you touch someone or something – which takes us back to Service Sells!

After 30 years I have the same passion to help, and drive to succeed that I had when I started in this game.  At Hinchen Resources, I am passionate about ensuring the culture aligns with my

. I am very proud to work with colleagues who are experts in their field, enjoy building genuine relationships and are first and foremost business people, not just recruiters. They each have a deep understanding of the service, practice group, industry sector and location in which they consult and recruit. And I’m equally proud to say that they too understand the fundamental importance of good service.

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