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Melb based | $88,000 package
Full Time

An exciting opportunity to grow your career within a dynamic organisation.  Focused on maximising campaign outcomes for clients, you will be a key member of the workforce planning team.  Collaborating with Leadership teams to enhance opportunities for employees, to increase conversion rates and deliver on campaign objectives for the business and clients.  This is an amazing opportunity to continue to develop your skills in workforce and campaign management.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Optimisation and improvement of campaign scheduling, performance and outcomes

  • Analysis of performance and trends to improve workforce and capacity management processes, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly

  • Recognising scheduling and demand challenges and make recommendations to improve outcomes

  • Real time monitoring of capacity for outbound campaigns

  • Communicate results to contact centre leadership team to confirm and/or recommend any changes in data assumptions, to ensure accuracy of staffing requirements

  • Ensure intra-day staffing management process takes into consideration unplanned leave and other staff requirements and make recommendations to revised resource allocations to meet business targets

  • Provide capacity calculations real time and for next days requirements

  • Ensure smooth operations by adjusting schedules to accommodate real time requirements including breaks, unplanned leave, training, adjustments to first contact rates, etc

  • Ensure compliance to all client and business guidelines

  • Analysis to identify continuous improvement opportunities in workforce management and contact centre performance.