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Bris based | $126,000 package
Full Time

The Fire Protection Engineer will be working on a variety of wet and dry fire protection designs for but not limited to residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Key responsibilities will include: 

  • Undertake consultant design and documentation for wet and dry fire protection projects, including sprinkler, water mist and gas suppression systems. 

  • Prepare specifications for both wet and dry fire designs for Tendering.

  • Conduct building fire protection audits/inspections.

  • Verbal and written advice to clients.

  • Meetings with clients and discuss/negotiate with the fire brigades and approval authorities.

  • To ensure design milestones are achieved and client relationships are maintained.

  • Liaise with new and existing clients and create opportunities for future business.

  • Complete a monthly report on project progress and Milestone Reports for each project.

  • Develop a new fire system that reduces the amount of water being used by thermodynamically using latent heat of vaporisation to reduce temperatures of fire fronts.

  • Work closely with other Mechanical Engineers and liaise with Mechatronics and Electronics Engineers to assist in the development of the control system.

  • Complete and coordinate installation of the system design at client locations.